Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)

We are pioneers in the area of client support for this administrative procedure.
The requirements placed on companies are more onerous and require extensive knowledge, not only at an environmental level but also for the different industrial processes carried out in the facilities to be authorised. Our multidisciplinary team allows us to put this knowledge into practice and offer a wider, global approach to each activity.
Some of the Integrated Authorisations processed include those for the following facilities:
– Construction and Demolition Debris Management Plants in various municipalities of Cordoba. EPREMASA.
– Pilot Plant for the production of Biodiesel in Alcalá de Henares. IDAE.
– Facilities for the Agricultural Co-operative ‘Las Marismas de Lebrija’.
– Cogeneration Facility for Sludge Treatment and Reduction, Puente de Obispo. Aceites Coosur


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