The Company

This section will extend the history of our company over the years. This way you’ll know of a broader way and know that the success of our business.

1986. Grupo Ingeniería y Gestión began its activities in 1986, providing consultancy services to companies mainly linked with the agrifood sector. This sector had a very high profile at the time, and was undergoing an important transformation process.

1990. Spain’s incorporation into the European Community posed a challenge for rural industries, which were forced to modernise in every sense. This situation favoured the development of companies such as IG, which provided technological solutions to enable harmonisation of the production processes of these industries with the newly introduced measures to ensure protection of the environment.

In the late eighties, profound transformations of an economic, political and social nature were to pose a new future model based on environmental equilibrium. This situation favoured the emergence of IPA, a department for consultancy, engineering, technical advice and management which was developed in response to the demand created by the new environmental policies which, from this time onward, began to be formulated and implemented. This new line of business, IPA, together with its predecessor, IG, was to define a company which in the decade of the nineties established itself as a pioneer in the field of modernisation of our industrial setting in a manner compatible with a substantial improvement in terms of social wellbeing and sustainable development.

1995. Our portfolio of clients and the ambit of our activities began to expand as IG diversified its services with the aim of addressing projects in a comprehensive manner. Along these lines, the areas of commercial construction, urban planning and architecture were developed as an offshoot of the engineering department, along with the activities associated with the emergence of renewable energies in the environmental sector. Increasing globalisation, the disappearance of tariffs and the relaxing of market restrictions led to a boom period for the world economy. Changes such as unprecedented growth, the presence of new fields, the incorporation of new technologies in the market and innovations in terms of means of organisation, among other factors, created a demand for services to provide professional support in this singular setting. This posed a significant challenge for companies such as the IG Group, which were constituted with a clear international focus.

2000. The first steps were taken in this area in the late nineties through one of the international leaders in the field of the manufacture and sale of greenhouses, MSC. The implementation of these production systems opened the gates to the Latin American market, the geographic area which currently constitutes the main market for IG.

2002. Our significant experience in the areas of irrigation, agricultural and rural development and the environment has granted our company a dynamic edge which has enabled us to overcome the continuous challenges posed by a globalised economy. The recent creation of the international department is part of our business strategy, which focuses on making efforts to obtain public tenders on other continents. In order to achieve this goal, IG has established links with Governments, Financial Institutions and International Entities, it has created an important international Network of Experts and it has established Business Associations with both leading European engineering firms and local companies of the different countries in which it has a presence.

2007. Recently, with the aim of strengthening the company as a major engineering consultancy firm and with a view to obtaining future awards of major public projects and tenders, we have merged with two other previously existing brands within the group: Ingeniería y Gestión (IG), on the one hand, and Ingeniería de Protección Ambiental (IPA), on the other. Together, these now constitute a sole entity, Ingeniería y Gestión del Sur.

And so, after 20 years in the business we now enter a new stage, in which our endeavours to open new sales channels and expand into international markets comprise the guiding principles defining our strategy for the progressive growth of the company.

Quality, higher technical levels, the application of the latest technology and respect for the environment are the features which continue to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our commitment and our loyalty have led to the opening of new lines of activity and the diversification of services, as is demonstrated by the extensive range of projects in which we are currently working.

Our portfolio of steady clients who trust in us for each of their new projects has cemented our position at the head of the ranking of Andalusian engineering companies, as well being a company which markets its own technology.