Grupo IG carries out an integral management of the projects of the agricultural processing industry. For more than 25 years it has been leading the engineering applied to this sector, implementing new technologies and modernising its production processes, caused by the technification of the agricultural sector and the greater public sensitivity to food safety.


There is no doubt about the economic importance of an industrial fabric with a high degree of competitiveness and productivity. To reach this level, it is necessary to make an effort to adapt to changes in distribution chains, to growing technological progress, to the growing social demand for environmental conservation, to the internationalisation of markets, etc.

Our first steps focused on issues related to the industrial sector.

The solution

As a result of the experience and knowledge acquired, we expanded the type of services offered. Thus, today, we are characterized by the integrative and multidisciplinary treatment we give to our projects, solving environmental issues, urban, architectural, civil engineering, engineering facilities and all kinds of transverse factors that affect their development.

Food industry

Of note are the projects carried out for the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Las Marismas (Lebrija, Seville, Spain) such as the Tomato Concentrate Plant with a production capacity of 4,300 tonnes/day, the 4,000 m Horticultural Product Handling Centre, the Cut Flower Handling Building and the Cotton Handling Building. Another of the key projects is the Transformation Centre of the “Naranjas Andaluzas, Villanueva de los Castillejos (Huelva, Spain) Integral Agro-food Exploitation of the García Carrión Group. It constitutes an integrated production in which the chain of the four areas, agricultural production, transformation, commercialization and external logistic services are affected. It has an annual production of 150 million litres and a packaging capacity of 72,000 L/h. Internationally, the Integrated Management of the Construction Project of the Bioethanol Production Plant in Sinaloa (Mexico), with a production capacity of 350,000 liters/day, has been relevant.

Irrigation and greenhouse

Another fundamental aspect of agricultural development is the modernisation of irrigation systems. Systems with which higher yields and greater optimization and saving of water resources are obtained. One of the largest irrigation projects executed and related to improving agricultural production was the irrigation of 1,700 hectares for cultivation in the province of Huelva (Spain), for the community of irrigators “Pedro Arco”. Agricultural production in greenhouses is the result of technification and modernization of crops. These advances demand greater rigour in the development of agricultural holdings. For more than 20 years, Grupo IG has been offering competitive and innovative technology in the field of greenhouse engineering. The work has been carried out both nationally and internationally, in the USA, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, Oman and Armenia.


Tomato Concentrate Plant, Sociedad Cooperativa Las Marismas, Lebrija (Seville, Spain)
Bioethanol Manufacturing Plant, Sinaloa (Mexico)
Centro Transformación Explotación Agroalimentaria Integral “Naranjas Andaluzas”, García Carrión Group, Villanueva de los Castillejos (Huelva, Spain)
Greenhouses in Oman
Greenhouses in Armenia
Pedro Arco” Irrigation Community, irrigation of 1,700 Has for citrus fruits (Huelva, Spain).