Renewable Energies

Renewable energies

Today’s society has an increasing demand for energy and an almost total dependence upon non-renewable energy sources. This energy model is in a profound crisis due to a number of factors, with special emphasis on environmental issues (mainly greenhouse gas emissions triggering climate change), and socio-economic issues (in that it is a model based on resources which will be depleted in the near future).

In recent years, energy efficiency and the development of renewable energies have become one of the key strategies of the policies of numerous countries, establishing themselves as business areas with a major future and new markets to be developed not only in Spain but also in other countries. As a result, we are witnessing a significant increase in their production and use, although the repercussions of this trend are as yet insufficient.

We began to introduce these factors into our sphere of activities through the provision of technical support for projects for cogeneration plants in the olive oil industry.

The Solution

Nowadays we are involved in important projects, in particular related with the manufacture of biofuels, with our company being the benchmark for engineering firms in this area. Moreover, our companies offer comprehensive project management, including ‘key in hand’ execution and administrative, technical and financial services.

Through this line of business, we are contributing to convert this sustainable energy model into a reality.

Photovoltaic solar energy




Renewable Energies

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Solar energy farms are new electrical energy production models based on the grouping of individual photovoltaic solar facilities belonging to different owners. The electricity produced is sold to electricity distribution companies.

Our activities in this field consist of the promotion, design, installation and maintenance of ‘key in hand’ solar farms, including prior viability and profitability studies, advice, processing of authorisations and subsidies, drafting of projects and any other technical documentation, negotiations for the financing of the project and operation and maintenance of the facilities.


Bioethanol is alcohol obtained as a consequence of bacterial fermentation of sugars contained in agricultural products such as maize, sugarcane, wheat, sorghum and other energy crops. By combining the same with petrol a biofuel is obtained with a high energy output.

Some of the advantages deriving from its use include the reduction of petrol consumption, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and improvements in the octane level of petrol.

Following the commencement of the activities of the Renewable Energies Department, we took our first steps in the field of bioethanol in 2005. Since then we have gone on to carry out important projects at both a national and international level.


Biodiesel may be obtained from vegetable oils and methanol by means of a transesterification reaction.

The advantages associated with its use include the reduction of emissions of carbon monoxide, volatile hydrocarbons and particles and greenhouse gases. The use of oils in the production process introduces a new environmental advantage, as it enables the recycling of this type of waste.

Our first technical support services for the manufacture of Biodiesel were carried out in 2005. Since then we have extended our range of services to work on more complex projects.


Cogeneration is mainly being applied in industries which require thermal energy for their production processes, and which at the same time can either consume the electrical energy thereby obtained or sell it to an electricity distribution company. It offers numerous advantages, such as energy saving and the reduction of pollution emissions, as well as avoiding the proliferation of new electricity transmission networks, given that cogeneration plants produce the energy they require on-site.

Our projects in the area of cogeneration have all been related with the agricultural industry, more specifically the olive oil industry. This process is used in the sector to optimise energy consumption and resolve environmental problems such as, for example, olive pomace drying, which employs clean fuels such as natural gas.

Solar farm

Bioethanol Farm

Biodiesel Farm

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