Limit Change and Sustainability

For decades, Grupo IG has been addressing the great challenge of this century regarding climate change and the sustainability of human productive activities. Ingeniería y Gestión del Sur has developed these aspects mainly in the sectors of Waste, Urban Environment and Natural Resources.

The solution

Today, we carry out important projects, especially related to the manufacture of biofuels, thus becoming a reference engineering in this field.

In addition, our companies provide comprehensive project management, including turnkey execution, and administrative, technical and financial services.


Within urban solid waste, the experience acquired in the last twenty-five years is very broad and international. This ranges from the drafting of integral management plans to the integral management of the project, including “turnkey” waste treatment facilities, as well as consultancy, engineering, technical advisory and management services, with the Montalbán Urban Waste Valorisation and Selection Plant Project in Cordoba (Spain) being particularly noteworthy. Grupo IG has also carried out the Expansion of the Sanitary Landfill in Tegucigalpa, with Pre-installation of Energy Valuation in Honduras, as well as Comprehensive Waste Management Plans in Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

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Another sector where Grupo IG has great experience is in the construction of facilities for the treatment of industrial waste. Emblematic projects have been the Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Centre in Los Barrios (Spain), and the Hydrocarbon By-products Recycling and Valorisation Plant in San Roque (Spain).

Sustainable Cities

Grupo IG provides planning, strategy development, infrastructure design and services for the sustainability of cities, improving their urban landscape, their reconciliation with the natural environment that surrounds them, as well as their adaptation to climate change.

Within this sector, projects for the creation of large urban parks in river environments within the urban environment are of great importance. In Seville (Spain), we engineered the 93-hectare Tamarguillo Park in the basins of the two, Tamarguillo and Ranillas, as well as the 35-hectare Palmas Altas River Park on the banks of the Guadaíra River.

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Another crucial aspect for a sustainable city is the design and planning of waste collection and cleaning services.

Grupo IG contributed its more than twenty-five years of experience in the design and planning of these services to municipal service companies.

Natural Resources

For more than ten years, Grupo IG has been very active in the management and maintenance of forest resources, maintaining the autochthonous Mediterranean forest and favouring its biodiversity.

Of particular note are the hydrological restoration projects carried out on the rivers Rivera de Huelva, Rivera de Cala, Río Guadalquivir as they pass through Andújar, Río Fresneda, Rambla de la Peralosa, for the basin organisation of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir. Also noteworthy are the forest improvements and the design and management of the Botanical Garden carried out in the forests of Sierra Morena (Spain), within the framework of the Compensatory Measures for the construction of the La Breña II dam, Córdoba (Spain).

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The enhancement of regional resources and spaces is one of the most interesting and innovative aspects developed by the IG Group.

The projects carried out within the Plan for the Conservation and Promotion of Geological Resources in the extractive area of the Sierra Subbética de Córdoba (Spain), with special geological characteristics that required ecological correction measures, stand out.


Urban Waste Recovery and Selection Plant, Montalbán (Córdoba, Spain)
Industrial Waste Management Centre and dangerous, Los Barrios (Cádiz, Spain)
Hydrocarbon Recycling and Valorization Plant, San Roque (Cádiz, Spain)
Tamarguillo Park, Tamarguillo and Ranillas River Basin, Seville (Spain)
Palmas Altas Riverside Park, Guadaíra River, Seville (Spain)
La Breña II Botanical Garden, Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba, Spain)
La Breña II Botanical Garden, Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba, Spain)
Conservation and Development of Geological Resources Plan, Extractive Area Sierra Subbética de Córdoba (Spain)